Welcome Back! book

Welcome Back! How to Reboot Your Physical and Mental Well-Being for a Post-Pandemic World

Welcome Back! is your wellness partner, guiding you from languishing to thrivingThis book puts the power of achieving optimal health into your hands. With do-it-yourself diagnostics grounded in personalized medicine, Welcome Back! will boost your sense of health, fortify your immunity and put an end to pandemic fears and anxiety.


Stress & Burnout Prevention Self-Test Kit

If you’re worried about getting burned out, get your cortisol (stress response hormone) assessed and take action to improve your mental health.

A simple saliva test can create a cortisol response curve to determine if you’re coping well enough with your stress level.


Emotional Balance Self-Test Kit

Whether or not you have anxiety, addictions, sleeping difficulties, manic or depression-like symptoms or just want to cope better with life, this test unlocks some insights about how your brain chemicals will impact how you feel.

With a urine sample, understanding your neurotransmitter levels is a first step toward helping you better manage and develop a plan to improve your mental health balance.


Standard | COVID-19 Antibodies Testing Self-Test Kit

Using a self-test kit and collecting a small blood spot sample, this antibody laboratory-based test helps determine if your immune system has developed a specific type of antibodies after natural infection or vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.