Supplements Immunity Bundle

Keeping your immune system healthy all year is key to preventing infections and diseases. Boost your immunity with this specially curated bundle of key supplements which include:

  • AHCC by Papillex™
  • Vitamin D 1000 IU
  • AntiOxidant Formula
  • Zinc 15


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AHCC® by Papillex, uses extracts of mushrooms from the Basidiomycete family, particularly the mycelium of Lentinula edodes, more commonly known as Shiitake mushrooms. The glucans are the parts of these mushrooms that are responsible for its efficacy in boosting the immune system to fight viruses.1 Research on AHCC® shows that it primarily works on improving the innate immune system, or the part of your immune system that you are born with. Studies show that it can actually increase the number of readily available players of your immune system: natural killer cells, dendritic cells, and cytokines.3 These are of utmost importance for the immune system to respond to infections and tumour growth.

  • Immune Support

Vitamin D 1000 IU

Vitamin D 1000 IU is an excellent source of vitamin D. Adequate vitamin D intake is important for ensuring normal calcium absorption and maintaining proper calcium plasma levels. Thus, vitamin D has a critical role in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth. Studies have shown that supplementation with high doses of vitamin D maximizes bone health in adults and may decrease the risk of fractures in the elderly.

  • Bone and teeth maintenance
  • Calcium and phosphorus absorption

AntiOxidant Formula

AntiOxidant Formula includes vitamins and other nutrients that effectively participate in our body’s antioxidant defence systems. This is beneficial as the uncontrolled production of free radicals is thought to be a major contributing factor to many degenerative pathologies.

  • Antioxidant protection

Zinc 15

Zinc is an essential trace element involved in most major metabolic pathways. General signs of human zinc deficiency indicate that zinc has important functions in maintaining immune function, healthy skin and growth.

  • Immune function
  • Skin support
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