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Total Health Program - Telomere Performance

What are Telomeres?

Telomeres are the genetic end tips of your chromosomes. They’re like the plastic tips on shoelaces because of the way they prevent chromosome ends from unraveling and sticking to each other – which can lead to premature cell death and health problems. Telomeres shorten naturally as we age, but glycation (unstable blood sugar control), oxidation (free radicals damage), inflammation (tissue response to injury/infection), and other lifestyle stressors shorten them, even faster.

Science-Based Telomere Performance

The Telomere Performance Program works to stop premature shortening from happening and offers ways to re-lengthen them by activating the enzyme, telomerase.

Our gold-standard program makes available to you all our expertise in personalized medicine and the use of precision medicine diagnostics.

This will enable our highly specialized experts to customize your health action plan to meet your health and anti-aging goals.

Key Precision Diagnostics:

  • Determine your biological age by monitoring your telomere length
  • Use predictive genetics to discover lifestyle and nutritional risks and to customize your exercise and nutrition plan accordingly
  • Measure biomarkers of aging so you understand your risks of glycation, inflammation, oxidative stress, and hormonal imbalances
  • Assess your nutritional needs with a full profile of your vitamin, mineral, organic and amino acids levels
  • Determine any food sensitivities which can increase inflammatory effects
  • Evaluate your mental health markers by monitoring your neurotransmitter (brain chemical) levels

Details on testing

This program includes self-test kits for blood spot to assess your:

  • telomere length
  • cholesterol
  • insulin
  • A1C (sugar control)
  • thyroid function
  • vitamin D
  • food sensitivities for 96 foods in categories including:
    • dairy
    • meat
    • seafood
    • grains
    • nuts
    • fruits
    • vegetables

Saliva to determine your:

  • sex hormones (estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, and progesterone)
  • cortisol (stress response) levels

Urine to measure your:

  • neurotransmitters (brain chemicals)

Cheek swab for genetics:

  • fitness
  • diet
  • nutrition
  • skin health
  • cannabis DNA

Results are uploaded to your patient health record, MyWellnessFile.

Sample Report

Interaction with Coaches and Ongoing Support

Once your results are posted to your patient health record, MyWellnessFile, you will be booked for a series of coaching sessions. This program will be delivered via video conference sessions to be completed within 6 months:

  • 90 minute team conference review with a physician and naturopathic doctor
  • 50 minute behavioral change coaching session
  • 50 minute nutritionist coaching session
    • 30 minute follow up x 2

    Your coaches will help keep you on track and support you through your journey of developing lifestyle changes and provide you with the necessary next steps, based on your results, to achieve your desired health goals.


    Total Health Program - Telomere Performance

    Total Health Program - Telomere Performance

    Please scroll and read the Acknowledment and Consent

    Acknowledgment and Consent

    (a) to engage in the program protocol as purchased either by me and/or by my organization on my behalf, from Health-in-a-Box, a subsidiary of Innovation Health Group Inc. (”IHG”), a company incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada; and,

    (b) that the terms of this Acknowledgement and Consent shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario, and the laws of Canada applicable therein.

    I understand that the program being offered supports my wellness and provides insights into how I can improve my resiliency against developing certain medical conditions. This program is not to be considered treatments for any chronic medical conditions. Testing programs are not designed to be the only source of health care that I receive. They do not replace the role of a general health care practitioner. They are to be considered a supplement to my health care regime. It is recommended that I forward my results to my physician for review. This will aid in my full understanding of the results. My physician may suggest that further investigative tests be conducted based on these findings. Testing programs taken in isolation do not confirm the presence or absence of potentially serious medical conditions.

    Coaching is provided by fully accredited or licensed contractors of Health-in-a-Box.

    I am aware that testing of my biological specimens is required for my health program. Any or all of these may be sampled and utilized in the testing: blood, saliva, urine or cheek swab. I acknowledge that testing analysis is completed within licensed and certified laboratory in either Canada or the United States. However, as with any laboratory test, there is a possibility that a laboratory error may occur or that no results are obtained. The quality of results can vary based on the quantity and quality of the samples provided for testing.

    1. I understand that my test results are sent directly to the office of Dr. Elaine Chin in Toronto, Canada, from laboratories accredited in Canada and the United States. I am aware that the results from testing these samples will be placed into my Personal Healthcare Record, MyWellnessFile, which I will have access to for one year from the date of purchase. The results are confidential. The office of Dr. Chin will not share the information with outside parties, including other healthcare professionals or government healthcare departments, federal provincial or state, unless I have specifically requested, in writing, that this be done. Health-in-a-Box is compliant with legislation relating to privacy, confidentiality, and the collection, storage and dissemination of personal information as established by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

    I understand that participating in this program is totally voluntary and that I can cease to participate at any time.

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    TotalHealthProgram – Home Kit Program

    Instructions and test requisition forms
    Genetics test kit
    Cheek swabs
    Saliva collection tubes
    Weight Management blood spot collection card and lancets
    Neurotransmitters urine collection cards
    Food Intolerances blood spot collection card and lancets
    Weight Management test kit
    Neurotransmitters test kit