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Our physical health drives our mental health and vice versa – and the same strategies we use to maintain physical wellness also support brain health. By staying physically strong and mentally resilient, we can reduce our risk of developing or relapsing into illness, both physically and mentally.

Our most comprehensive program which mirrors the spirit of their health programs at North America's leading Personalized Medicine expert, Executive Health Centre. We can now provide you with the knowledge of how to take the best care of yourself in the comfort of your home. We will understand how your genetics will influence and interact with your lifestyle, resulting in your unique expression of hormone, nutrition and metabolism biomarker levels. With this information our comprehensive team of holistic health professionals will customize and support your series of health action plans that will not only reduce your health risks but improve your physical and mental well-being. 

Total Health Program
A complete physical and mental health program. Details on testing This program includes self-test kits for blood spot to assess your metabolic markers for: cholesterol insulin A1C (sugar control) thyroid function vitamin D food sensitivities for ...

Program Flow

Order your program and receive your self-testing kits

Step 1

Collect and ship your samples directly to the lab

Step 2

Receive your results on a secure portal, MyWellnessFile

Step 3

Review your results with your health professionals

Step 4

Create an action plan based on your metrics

Step 5

Get coaching support to manage change by tracking your progress in MyWellnessFile

Step 6

Making Impact

Employ up to three alternating features with an option to use an image or video and include a call to action button.

Each time you buy a Health-in-a-Box program, five percent of our profits will go toward WE Communities in support of their Health pillar. By getting healthy you are giving health when you participate in a Health-in-a-Box program..