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Personalized skin care begins with knowledge about your skin DNA.

Your genetics play a role in your ability to use nutrients to heal and protect your skin from harmful damage.

Unlock the secrets of your genetics to healthier skin.



Step 1: Complete your skin genetics test to decode 55 different markers in 25 genes.


Your precision skin-care genetic test report provides information about how your genes affect your skin conditions. Your report provides a readout about photoaging, texture, hydration, inflammation, oxidation, glycation and nutrition.

Developed with input from experts at major dermatology and aging science research groups at Stanford, Berkeley, The Salk Institute, and New York University.

Step 2: Receive your personalized skin phenotype report on your skin genetics risks.


You’ll discover if you are prone to:

  • Sun’s effect on wrinkles, collagen degradation, freckles?
  • Tissue elasticity issues resulting in cellulite, stretch marks, spider veins?
  • Inflammation resulting redness, acne?
  • Dry skin, itchiness?
  • Oxidation and Glycation effects increasing premature skin aging?
  • Dietary nutrient absorption issues resulting in poor skin health?

Step 3: Receive your personalized skincare based on your genetics report


With the expert advise from your trained skin professional, your skin phenotypic results will provide an actionable topical and systemic skincare program prescribed to address your genetic predisposition.

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Test Flow

Order your test and receive your self-testing kits

Step 1

Collect and ship your samples directly to the lab

Step 2

Receive your results on a secure portal, MyWellnessFile

Step 3

Review your results with your health professionals

Step 4

Create an action plan based on your metrics

Step 5

Get coaching support to manage change by tracking your progress in MyWellnessFile

Step 6