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Truly personalized nutrition requires knowledge of how food interacts with your unique genetics, gut and immune systems, which determine how you process and absorb food. Our Nutritional Health programs focus on measuring essential nutrients and antibodies in your blood, and mapping your DNA to optimize your nutrition. Depending on your program, your naturopathic doctor and nutritionist will review your results and create your dietary action plan.

We know changing habits is difficult. It’s easier when you know your numbers and have a team of coaches

Our programs are designed to help you identify the ideal foods for your body based on your genetics and intolerances. Food is an important contributor to energy and stamina. Eating foods that your body agrees with, will improve the likelihood of better absorption, which leads to better metabolism and energy.

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Test Flow

Order your test and receive your self-testing kits

Step 1

Collect and ship your samples directly to the lab

Step 2

Receive your results on a secure portal, MyWellnessFile

Step 3

Review your results with your health professionals

Step 4

Create an action plan based on your metrics

Step 5

Get coaching support to manage change by tracking your progress in MyWellnessFile

Step 6