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Understand the relationship between how your lifestyle – activity levels, diet and sleep – affects your biochemistry and hormones and, in turn, your metabolism and weight. Depending on your program, a team of lifestyle, fitness and behavioral change coaches will support your action plan to lower your risks for complications related to your metabolic imbalances.

"We know changing habits is difficult. It’s easier when you know your numbers and have a team of coaches."

Our metabolic health programs get to the core of why you just can’t speed up your metabolism to improve your energy level and be able to lose weight. It may begin with your genetics, and if so, we can modify it.  Today, your DNA report will help you know what is the right diet for your genotype, your natural metabolic tendencies and how best to manipulate it through the right foods, exercise routine and nutrients.

By knowing your hormone, cholesterol and sugar control levels, our team of specialized metabolic health coaches will be fully informed on how to adjust your lifestyle to improve your metabolism and energy while reducing disease risks. 

We know changing habits is difficult. It’s easier when you know your numbers and have a team of coaches, which may include naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, fitness trainers and cognitive behavioral therapists, to support your journey toward better health. Each program is designed to meet specific needs our clients and provide an appropriate level of coaching support toward heathier behavioral changes.

Healthy Metabolism Program
Do you have Metabolic Syndrome? You do if you are obese and have elevated metabolic metrics.  This program helps you prevent developing Metabolic Syndrome and its complications; heart attack, stroke and diabetes with the support of our health coa...
Genetic Metabolism Insights
Beyond assessing if you are at risk for having Metabolic Syndrome, this program is designed to provide you lifestyle recommendations based on your genetics. You can reduce your health risk by learning how to eat and exercise “right” for your genot...
Weight Loss Program
Do you have trouble losing weight and keeping it off? This weight loss program is designed just for you, beginning with your DNA. We run diagnostics on your hormone levels and assess your lifestyle and nutrition with fitness-diet genetics to custo...

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Each time you buy a Health-in-a-Box program, five percent of our profits will go toward WE Communities in support of their Health pillar. By getting healthy you are giving health when you participate in a Health-in-a-Box program..