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Understanding Your DNA Blueprint

Our cars have hyper-intelligent sensors to let us know if something has gone awry. Your mechanic has a blueprint of your car and can access thousands of data points from the electronic on-board diagnostic device.

Do you get daily feedback on how well your body’s running? Does your physician call up your body’s DNA blueprint? The answer for most of us is simply, no. But why not? Clearly, there’s something wrong with this picture.

“Knowing your genetics has now become more common place.”

With interest in ancestry genetics, we are now all more familiar with genetics testing. It’s not as scary as many first thought. Yes, there are genetics test which determine if you have some life-threatening illnesses but that’s not a necessary place to start.

There are many practical learnings from genetics testing which can give you better insights about your metabolism, nutrient needs, the best diet and exercise routines to lose weight to understanding what drugs work best for you to customizing your skincare regimen.


The decision to discover insights about your genetics predispositions are very personal. Some people want to know more about themselves while others decide to let destiny takes its course. The genetic tests we’ve curated here are all very relevant for your daily life. There are no ‘scary’ discoveries to worry about. Just more information on how to best live your life in the best way you can today for tomorrow.

For example, if you’ve been having issues with metabolism and weight control, you might benefit from knowing how best to manage your diet and exercise. People do better with more understanding about their body’s preferences. And if you are conscious of healthy skin, best to learn what your skin really needs and stop guessing with expensive trial and error skincare purchases. Finally, Cannabis use is legalized in Canada. Discover if it’s right for you.

Skin Basics With Nutrigenomics (NEW)
Know How Your Genes Can Impact Your Skin With a simple cheek swab, we will create a profile that reveals how your genes can impact the way you look. Our Skin Basics with Nutrigenomics assessment provides personalized insights on your genet...
Skin Basics (NEW)
Do You Know Your Skin Genetic Predisposition? With a simple cheek swab, we will create a profile that reveals how your genes can impact the way you look. Our Skin Basics assessment provides personalized insights on your genetic predisposit...

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